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Genesis 13:5-6 -

And Lot also (literally, and also to Lot), who went with Abram (literally, going with Abram ) , had ( were ) flocks and herds and tents. The uncle's prosperity overflowed upon the nephew. Rosenmüller includes in the tents the domestics and servants, qui in tentoriis degebant (cf. 1 Chronicles 4:41 ). And the land was not able to bear them . Literally, did not bear, i.e. support their households and flocks. That they should dwell together . In consequence partly of the scarce pasturage, the land probably having not yet sufficiently recovered from the drought, but chiefly because of their increasing wealth. For their substance ( vide Genesis 12:5 ) was great, so that they could not (literally, and they were not able to ) dwell together.

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