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Genesis 24:53-54 - Exposition

And the servant brought forth jewels —literally, vessels (σκεύη, LXX .), the idea being that of things finished or completed; from כָּלָה , to finish (cf. Genesis 31:37 ; Genesis 45:20 )— of silver, and jewels (or vessels) of gold, and raiment ,—covering garments, e.g. the outer robes of Orientals ( Genesis 20:11 , Genesis 20:12 , Genesis 20:13 , Genesis 20:15 ; Genesis 41:42 ); especially precious ones ( 1 Kings 22:10 )— and gave them to Rebekah —as betrothal presents, which are absolutely essential, and usually given with much ceremony before witnesses. He gave also to her brother and to her mother (here mentioned for the first time) precious things, מִגְדָּנֹת from מֶגֶד precious, occurring only elsewhere in 2 Chronicles 21:3 and Ezekiel 1:6 ; both times as here, in connection with gold and silver—probably describes valuable articles in general. And (having thus formally concluded the engagement) they did eat and drink, —i.e. partook of the victims which had been set before them at an earlier stage (verse 33)— he and the men that were with him, and tarried all night ;—literally, and passed the night (cf. Genesis 19:2 ; Genesis 24:25 )— and they rose up in the morning (indicative of alacrity and zeal), and he said, Send me away unto my master —being impatient to report to Abraham the success of his expedition.

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