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Genesis 25:19-26 - Homiletics

The childless pair.


1. The grievous affliction . Rebekah, the wife of Isaac, was barren. Though neither uncommon nor unjust, this was to Isaac

2. The earnest intercession . "Isaac entreated the Lord for his wife." Isaac's supplication was

3. The gracious response . "The Lord was entreated of Isaac, and Rebekah conceived. Note the character of God as the Hearer of prayer, the habitual practice of God, which is to listen to his people's supplications, the power which belongs to prayer of being able to prevail with God, and the special virtue which resides in united prayer ( Matthew 18:19 ).


1. The unwonted experience . In two respects the pregnancy of Rebekah was unusual. First, she had never conceived before; and secondly, the attendant sensations were uncommon. Great mercies are often accompanied by great discomforts to prevent gracious souls from resting in the gifts and neglecting the Giver.

2. The remarkable interrogation . "Rebekah went to inquire of the Lord." Her conduct was remarkable for the impatience it displayed, the piety it evinced, the faith it implied. If in her querulous exclamation there was sin, m her seeking to God with her anxiety there were grace and faith.

3. The mysterious oracle . This contained three distinct announcements: the first hopeful, that Rebekah should be the mother of twins; the second painful, that, besides being mutually antagonistic from their birth, her two sons should develop into hostile nations; the third unusual, that the elder should serve the younger.


1. Her days were fulfilled . A special mercy which pregnant mothers can appreciate.

2. Her sons were born . Another cause of rejoicing to a mother ( John 16:21 ).

3. Her husband was spared . "Isaac was threescore years old when she bare them." A third mercy not always granted to mothers, to retain their husbands to participate in their maternal joys ( 1 Samuel 4:19 ).


1. That children in a home are a special mark of Divine favor.

2. That anxious wives and mothers should carry their troubles to God's throne.

3. That the future histories and destinies of children are known to God, if not to their parents.

4. That mothers of families have peculiar joys as well as special sorrows.

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