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Genesis 27:13 - Exposition

And his mother said unto him, Upon me be thy curse, my son (cf. Genesis 43:9 ; 1 Samuel 25:24 ; 2 Samuel 14:9 ; Matthew 27:25 ). Tempted to regard Rebekah's words as the utterance of a bold and unscrupulous woman (Aben Ezra), we ought perhaps to view them as inspired by faith in the Divine promise, which had already indicated that of her two sons Jacob should have the precedence (Willet, Calvin, Lange), and that accordingly there was every reason to anticipate not a malediction, but a benediction. Only obey my voice ( i . e . do as I direct you, follow my instructions), and go fetch me them— or, go and take for me ( sc . the two kids I spoke of).

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