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Genesis 31:17-18 - Exposition

Then (literally, and) Jacob rose up (expressive of the vigor and alacrity with which, having obtained the concurrence of his wives, Jacob set about fulfilling the Divine instructions), and set his sons —his children, as in Genesis 31:1 ; Genesis 32:12 , including Dinah, if by this time she had been born ( vide Genesis 30:21 )— and his wives upon camels. Since neither were able to undertake a journey to Canaan on foot, his oldest son being not more than thirteen years of age and his youngest not more than six. One camel, vide Genesis 12:16 . And he carried away —the verb נָהֵג , to pant, which is specially used of those who are exhausted by running ( Gesenins , sub voce ), may perhaps indicate the haste with which Jacob acted— all his cattle ,— Mikneh , literally, possession , from kanah , to procure, always used of cattle, the chief wealth of a nomad (cf. Genesis 13:2 ; Genesis 26:14 )— and all his goods which he had gotten, —Recush , literally, acquisition, hence substance, wealth in general, from racash , to acquire ( vide Genesis 14:11 , Genesis 14:16 , Genesis 14:21 ; Genesis 15:14 ), which, however, is more specifically described as—the cattle of his getting, which he had gotten (both of the above verbs, kanah and racash , being now employed) in ( i . e . during his stay in) Padan-aram, for to go to Issac his father in the land of Canaan.

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