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Genesis 46:1-34 - Exposition

The descent of Jacob and his family into Egypt.

I. THE DEPARTURE FROM CANAAN ( Genesis 46:1-7 ).

1. The journey to Beersheba . Distant from Hebron somewhere over twenty miles, Beersheba lay directly in the way to Egypt. Yet doubtless the chief motive for halting at "the well of the oath" consisted in the fact that it had been, so to speak, consecrated by the previous encampments of Abraham and Isaac, by the altars they had there erected, and the revelations they had there enjoyed. It is both pleasurable and profitable to visit scenes and places that have been hallowed by the saints of former days; and though now under the Christian dispensation it is true that every place is holy ground, yet few there are who do not feel their religious emotions quickened when they stand upon some sacred spot where holy men have walked and prayed, or saintly martyrs bled and died.

2. The stoppage at Beersheba .

3. The advance from Beersheba . This took place with alacrity, for Jacob "rose up; with unanimity, for they all went, carrying with them their wives and little ones; and with comfort, since they rode in Pharaoh's wagons; and with safety, for it is added that they "came into Egypt."


1. Their character .

2. Their number .

III. THE ARRIVAL AT EGYPT ( Genesis 46:28-34 ).

1. The mission of Judah . "And he sent Judah before him unto Joseph," that he (Joseph)" might direct his face unto Goshen."

2. The coming of Joseph.

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