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Genesis 47:11-27 - Homiletics

Joseph's policy in Egypt.


1. He gave them a settlement in Goshen . Though in one sense the land of Goshen was Pharaoh's grant, it is apparent from the story that they owed it chiefly to the wise and prudent management of Joseph that they found themselves located in the fattest corner of the land. In thus providing for them Joseph had without doubt an eye to their enrichment, to their separation as a people from the Egyptian inhabitants of the land, and to their convenience when the day came for their return. Thus we see an evidence of Joseph's fervent piety.

2. He supplied them with food while the famine lasted . That he did so without charges to them the narrative explicitly asserts. Nor can Joseph's right so to provide for his own household be legitimately challenged, the more especially that it was owing purely to his wise administration that the king's granaries were filled with corn. That Joseph did so was a proof of his natural affection.

3. He allowed them to acquire possessions . That is to say, he secured them in their rights of property while they resided among strangers. He cast around them the protection of the law all the same as if they had been Egyptians. This was a testimony to Joseph's political equity.


1. Joseph's policy described .

2. Joseph ' s policy challenged . It has been vigorously assailed,

3. Joseph ' s policy defended .

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