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Exodus 5:10-14 - Homiletics

A blind obedience to the commands of tyrants not laudable.

The Egyptian taskmasters seem to have carried out their monarch's orders to the full, if not with inward satisfaction, at any rate without visible repugnance. They published abroad the orders given without in any way softening them ( Exodus 5:10 , Exodus 5:11 ), harassed the Israeli people all day long by "hasting them" ( Exodus 5:13 ), and bastinadoed the Israelite officers at night ( Exodus 5:14 ). How different their conduct from that of the midwives, when another Pharaoh sought to make them the instruments of his cruelty! Weak women defied the tyrant and disobeyed his commands. Strong sturdy men were content to be his slavish tools and accomplices. But so it is often. "Out of weakness God perfects strength." He "makes the weak things of the world to confound the strong" And the consequence is, that the weak, who show themselves strong, obtain his approval and the enduring praise of men, like the midwives; while the strong, who show themselves weak, are condemned by him, and covered with everlasting obloquy, like these taskmasters.

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