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Exodus 6:1-8 - Exposition

The expostulation of Moses did not offend God. God gave him, in reply to it, a most gracious series of promises and assurances, well calculated to calm his fears, assuage his griefs, and comfort his heart; and he confirmed the whole to him by his name JEHOVAH , "the Only Existent," and therefore" the Eternal and Immutable." This name he had previously revealed to Moses at Mount Sinai, as his peculiar name, and the one by which he would choose to be called ( Exodus 3:13-15 ). He had also told him to proclaim this name to the people. This command is now repeated ( Exodus 6:6 ) very solemnly; and with it are coupled the promises above alluded to.

1 . That God would certainly bring the Israelites out of Egypt, despite the unwillingness of Pharaoh ( Exodus 6:1 and Exodus 6:6 ),

2 . That he would do this "with a stretched-out arm," and by means of "great judgments" ( Exodus 6:6 );

3 . That he would keep the covenant which he had made with the patriarchs to give their descendants the laud of Canaan ( Exodus 6:4 ) and would assuredly "bring in" the Israelites to that land , and " give it them for an heritage" ( Exodus 6:8 ).

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