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Exodus 10:16 - Exposition

Then Pharaoh called for Moses and Aaron in haste . Literally, as in the margin, "hasted to call for M . and A ." He had made similar appeals before ( Exodus 8:8 , Exodus 8:25 ; Exodus 9:27 ), but never with such haste and urgency. Evidently, the locusts were felt as a severer infliction than any previous one. I have sinned . So, after the plague of hail ( Exodus 9:27 ); but here we have the further acknowledgment, against the Lord your God and against you ; "against the Lord," in disobeying his commands; "against. you," in making you premises and then refusing to keep them ( Exodus 8:15 , Exodus 8:32 ; Exodus 9:34 , Exodus 9:35 ).

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