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Exodus 26:1-37 - Exposition

THE TABERNACLE . The sacred furniture which the tabernacle was to contain having been described, with the exception of the "altar of incense" the description of which is reserved for Exodus 30:1-38 . ( Exodus 30:1-10 )-directions were next given for the sacred structure itself. This was to consist of three main things—

1 . A quadrangular enclosure thirty cubits long by ten broad, open at one end, and on the other three sides enclosed by boards of acacia-wood overlaid with gold—called the mishkan , or "the dwelling-place," in our version usually translated "tabernacle."

2 . A tent of goat's hair, supported upon poles, and stretched by means of ropes and tent-pegs in the ordinary manner over the mishkan . This is called the 'ohel —which is the usual word for a "tent" in Hebrew, and is so translated generally ( Genesis 4:20 ; Genesis 9:21 ; Genesis 13:1-18 :31; Genesis 18:1 , etc.), though in this chapter, unfortunately, "covering" ( Exodus 30:7 ); and

3 . A "covering"— mikseh , to be placed over the 'ohel , composed of rams' skins dyed red, and seals' skins ( Exodus 30:14 ). Subordinate parts of the structure were—

(a) The sockets, or bases, which were to receive and support the upright boards ( Exodus 30:19-25 );

(b) The bars which were to hold the boards together ( Exodus 30:26-29 );

(c) The veil, stretched on pillars, which was to be hung across the" dwelling-house," and to separate it into two parts, the "holy place" and the "holy of holies" ( Exodus 30:31-33 ); and

(d) The curtain or "hanging" at the open end of the "dwelling-place," where there were no boards, which was intended to close that side of the structure when necessary ( Exodus 30:36 , Exodus 30:37 ).

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