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Exodus 28:1-38 - Homilies By J. Urquhart

Aaron in his priesthood the type of Jesus.

I. IN HIS APPOINTMENT ( Exodus 28:1 ).

1 . He is chosen of God ( Hebrews 5:4 ), and therefore our accepted intercessor.

2 . He is taken from among his brethren; "from among the children of Israel, that he may minister unto me." The priest who ministers before God for us must go up with a brother's heart and with experience of human infirmity ( Hebrews 4:15 ).

II. IN HIS ARRAY . The holy garments were "for glory and for beauty," the symbol of the perfect humanity of Jesus; "holy, harmless, undefiled and separate from sinners.'


1 . The names of the tribes were engraved upon and identified with the choicest jewels. Christ not only remembers, us; we are loved, honoured, treasured by him.

2 . The name of each tribe was engraved upon a separate, and different kind of jewel. We are not grasped by our high priest in a mass; we are individually known, loved, cared for.

3 . The names were borne upon Aaron's heart whenever he went into the holy place ( Exodus 28:29 ), for a memorial before the Lord con-tin,ally. We are held in perpetual remembrance before God.


1 . That remembrance was burden-bearing; he went in for them , his heart was bowed before God in the consciousness of their sin and need. For us in our sin and need Christ's entreaties ascend day and night.

2 . In his zeal for holiness ( Exodus 28:36-38 ). Christ, sin's sacrifice, shall also be sifts destruction.— U .

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