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Exodus 29:1-37 - Exposition

THE CONSECRATION OF THE PRIESTS . From the description of the priestly attire, the Divine Law-giver passed to the form of priestly consecration, whereof investiture in the "holy garments" was a part. The ceremony of consecration was to consist of four things:—

1 . Ablution;

2 . Investiture;

3 . Chrism or Anointing with oil; and

4 . Sacrifice.

In the directions given, we have, first, the preparation of the offerings ( Exodus 29:1-3 ); secondly, directions for the ablutions ( Exodus 29:4 ); thirdly, directions for the investiture of Aaron ( Exodus 29:5 , Exodus 29:6 ), of his sons ( Exodus 29:8 , Exodus 29:9 ); fourthly, directions for the anointing ( Exodus 29:7 ); and fifthly, directions as to the mode in which the sacrifices should be offered and disposed of ( Exodus 29:10-34 ). A command is then given that the ceremonies should be repeated every day for a week ( Exodus 29:35 ); and another, that the altar should receive consecration at the same time as the priests ( Exodus 29:36 , Exodus 29:37 ). Additional light is thrown on most of these matters by the account contained in Leviticus ( Leviticus 8:1-36 .), of the manner in which Moses carried oat the directions here given to him.

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