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Leviticus 5:1-13 - Homilies By J.a. Macdonald

The trespass offering.

This was very much of the nature of the sin offering. Julius Bate translates the word ( אשם , asham ) "guilt offering." Possibly the "sin offering" and the "burnt offering" may be here comprehended under the general expression, "trespass offering" (see Leviticus 5:7 ). We have here brought under our notice—

I. EXAMPLES OF the TRESPASS . Leviticus 5:1-4 , Taken in order these are:

1 . Concealing the truth when adjured.

2 . Touching an unclean thing.

3 . Swearing rashly.


1 . Confession must be made.

2 . It must be accompanied with sacrifice.

3 . The poor have special consideration.

The interchanging of these offerings, sin and trespass, sin and burnt, sin and meat, shows how they are intended to represent the same great subject under its various aspects. No one typical sacrifice could sufficiently body forth all the merits of that blessed Person who "made his soul a ( אשם , asham ) trespass offering" ( Isaiah 53:10 ).—J.A.M.

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