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Leviticus 19:1-37 - Homilies By W. Clarkson

Religion and superstition.

It is not always easy or even possible to distinguish between religion and superstition. We may fall into the latter when we are seeking to practice the former; or we may, from undue fear of the latter, neglect the former. In this chapter the Jews were taught (and we are thereby encouraged) to avoid the one, and to perfect the other in the fear of God.


1 . Clearly and decisively everything that was in any way idolatrous was condemned; "turn ye not unto idols" ( Leviticus 19:4 ).

2 . All that was distinctively or closely connected with heathen worship was also forbidden: the use of enchantments, the superstitious observance of lucky or unlucky times, also superstitious cutting of the hair or of the flesh ( Leviticus 19:26-28 ); resorting to wizards, etc. (see 1 Chronicles 10:13 ). There is amongst us much adoption of practices which are idle and vain, not warranted in Scripture nor founded on reason. Such things are to be deprecated and shunned, They are

II. THE RELIGION WHICH WAS TO BE CULTIVATED AND PRACTISED . The Jews were to cherish and cultivate, even as we are,

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