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Deuteronomy 5:1-21 - The Decalogue The Basis Of The Covenant, The Essence Of The Whole Law, And The Condition Of Life And

The Decalogue.

Moses here recalls the Sinaitic covenant, and wishes the Israelites to remember that, though given to their fathers primarily, it was also applicable to them. They were in many cases present as children then, and they were represented by their parents. Moses speaks with authority as having been mediator ( Deuteronomy 5:5 ) on the occasion.

There are the following lessons to be learned from the Decalogue as here given:—

I. THE COVENANT IS BASED UPON A MERCIFUL DELIVERANCE . God gives his Law to his people after their deliverance from Egyptian bondage. It is intended to be a rule of life for those already redeemed. The gospel precedes the Law—Moses the deliverer precedes Moses the lawgiver; the Lord was first known as the fountain of freedom, and then as the fountain of that Law within whose bounds freedom is to be realized.


1. The Laws relating to God . These embrace the four which come first, i . e .

2. The laws relating to man . These embrace the succeeding six , thus:

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