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Deuteronomy 18:6-8 -

Only a portion of the Levites were engaged in the service of the sanctuary; the rest lived in their towns throughout the country. It might happen, however, that a Levite, moved by pious feeling, would come to the place of the sanctuary to worship there; and it is prescribed that such a one should fare as his brethren the Levites engaged in the service of the sanctuary fared; he should minister along with them, and share with them in the gifts of the worshippers; and this in addition to any private means he might have from the sale of his patrimony. Where he sojourned. The Levite, though not homeless, was regarded as only a sojourner in the land, inasmuch as the tribe had no inheritance ( נַחֲלָח ) there. They shall have like portions to eat ; literally, they shall eat portion as portion , i . e . share and share alike. That which cometh of the sale of his patrimony ; literally, his price upon [the house] of [his] fathers , i . e . the produce of the sale effected on the house he inherited from his ancestry (cf. Le 25:33).

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