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Joshua 7:15 -

He that is taken with the accursed thing; or, according to Keil, "he on whom the ban falls." He and all that he hath (cf. Joshua 7:24 ). The opinion that Achan's family had in some way become participators in his sin would seem preferable to the idea that his sin had involved them in the ban. The destruction of their possessions is due to the fact that all the family had come under the ban. Folly נְבָלָה used of the heart as well as the head (cf. Genesis 34:7 : Deuteronomy 22:21 ; 19:23 , 19:24 , 20:6 ; 2 Samuel 13:12 ; Psalms 14:1 ). The LXX . render by ἀνόμημα , and the Vulgate by herae, but Theodotion renders by ἀφροσύνη .


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