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2 Samuel 22:35-37 - David's Psalm Of Thanksgiving.

"He teaeheth my hands to war;

And mine arms can bend a bow of bronze.

And thou hast given me thy saving shield;

And thy hearing of me hath made me great.

Thou hast enlarged my steps under me;

And my feet have not slipped."

Bow of bronze. In Job 20:24 we also read of bows made of this metal, or compound of metals, which was a far more ancient material for weapons than steel. The bending of such a bow was proof of great strength, and the last artifice of Penelope, to save herself from the suitors, was to promise her hand to the man who could bend Ulysses' bow. Thy hearing of me; in Psalms 18:35 , and Authorized Version and Revised Version here, "thy gentleness." The words in the Hebrew are very nearly alike, but the Septuagint notices the difference, and translates "hearing" in this place, but "chastisement" in the psalm. The Vulgate has "gentleness" or "mildness" here, and "discipline" in the psalm. The Syriac alone has "discipline" in both places. My feet; literally, ankle bones, the weakness of which causes men to totter.

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