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2 Samuel 22:36 - David's Psalm Of Thanksgiving.

Greatness from God's condescension.

"Thy gentleness hath made me great." David had been raised from a humble position to one of greatness. He had become great in arms, in royal dignity, in the extent of his dominion. In these words he ascribes all his greatness to the condescending goodness of God. The word translated "gentleness" is elsewhere used only of men, and signifies "humility" ( Proverbs 15:33 ; Proverbs 18:12 ; Proverbs 22:4 ). But in speaking of God, we use the word "condescension" rather than "humility." Yet it is said of him ( Psalms 113:6 ) that "he humbleth himself to behold the things that are in heaven and in the earth;" i.e. he stoops to regard them; it is condescension in him to notice them. The words of the text may be used by all Christians; especially by some of them.


1 . All of them are made great. For they are made:

2 . Some of them are made specially great. They realize, in a larger measure than others, the various elements of greatness mentioned above. They have more of God in them; and hence are richer in spiritual wisdom and goodness, exercise a wider and stronger influence, do a greater work, attain to greater honour and renown in this world and the next. Apostles, martyrs; eminent teachers, evangelists, missionaries, and reformers; monarchs, too, and statesmen, poets, etc; who are also devoted Christians. Such special greatness arises sometimes and in part from:

II. TO WHAT SUCH GREATNESS IS TO BE ASCRIBED , AND IS ASCRIBED BY THOSE WHO ATTAIN TO IT . To the condescension of God. David recognized that all his greatness was owing to the goodness and power of God, and in their exercise on his behalf he discerned unspeakable condescension. Similar should and will be the feeling of all who are raised to spiritual greatness.

1 . The work of God in their exaltation is a work of condescension. This appears as we consider:

2 . The condescension thus displayed promotes spiritual greatness. Not only as it is exercised in the ways before mentioned, but:

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