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2 Kings 10:30 - Exposition

And the Lord said unto John —scarcely by direct revelation, rather by the mouth of a prophet, most probably of Elisha, as Thenius supposes— Because thou hast done well in executing that which is right in mine eyes. In making himself the executor of God's will with respect to the house of Ahab, and utterly destroying it, as he had been commanded ( 2 Kings 9:7 ), Jehu had "done well;" he had also done well in putting down the worship of Baal, and slaying the idolaters, for the destruction of idolaters was distinctly commanded in the Law ( Exodus 22:20 ; Exodus 32:27 ; Numbers 25:5 ). These acts of his are praised; but nothing is said of his motives in doing them. They were probably to a great extent selfish. And hath done unto the house of Ahab all that was in mine heart (see 2 Kings 9:26-37 ; 2 Kings 10:1-7 , 2 Kings 10:11 , 2 Kings 10:14 ), thy children of the fourth generation shall sit on the throne of Israel. External obedience was suitably rewarded by an external, earthly honor—the honor of having his dynasty settled upon the throne during five generations, and for a period of above a hundred years. No other Israelite dynasty held the throne longer than three generations, or for so much as fifty years. The "children" or descendants of Jehu who sat upon the throne after him were Jehoahaz, his son, Jehoash or Joash, his grandson, Jeroboam II ; his great-grandson, and Zachariah, son of Jeroboam II ; his great-great-grandson

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