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1 Chronicles 14:9 -

Spread themselves . The root, פָשַׁט appears here for the נָטַש of the parallel place. So also again in 1 Chronicles 14:13 of this chapter. In the valley of Rephaim; i.e. of giants, though some translate "healers," and yet others "chiefs." Though not Canaanites, they once held portions of Canaan. Their origin is very uncertain. Kalisch thinks they were descendants of Japheth ( Genesis 14:5 ; Genesis 15:20 ; Deuteronomy 2:9-11 ; Deuteronomy 3:11 ). The "valley" was south of Jerusalem, but whether more south-east or south-west is not certain; probably the former ( Joshua 15:8 ; Joshua 18:16 ; Isaiah 17:5 ).

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