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2 Chronicles 13:10-11 - Exposition

The professions summarized in these two verses were confessedly formally true of the king and priests and nation, although Abijah and kingdom certainly did not carry a clean conscience in them. They were, moreover, beyond a doubt really true of multitudes of individuals in the kingdom of Judah and Benjamin. And these were "the salt of the" kingdom ( Matthew 5:13 ). They burnt … sweet incense (so our 2 Chronicles 2:4 ; Exodus 30:7 ; Revelation 8:3 , Revelation 8:4 ). The pure table … the candlestick. Although ten of each of these were made, only one was used, or only one at the time (see our note on 2 Chronicles 4:8 , compared with 2 Chronicles 29:18 ; 1 Kings 7:48 ). We have not forsaken him … ye have forsaken him . If all the difference that these words have it in them to express could have been put to the credit of Abijsh, what tremendous strength would have now belonged to his position and to his heart!

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