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2 Chronicles 26:6-15 - Homilies By W. Clarkson

A victorious career.

Perhaps it is not well understood that Uzziah was one of the strongest of the kings of Judah, and ran a remarkably successful course. Had not his sun set in some dark clouds, his name and fame would probably have stood far higher than they do. But when we have made necessary allowances, there remains before our eyes the picture of—

I. A VICTORIOUS CAREER . This, whether we have regard to:

1 . The extension of his kingdom; he prevailed against the Edomites, the Philistines, the Arabians ( 2 Chronicles 26:2 , 2 Chronicles 26:6-8 ). Or to:

2 . The strengthening of his kingdom by military means—by building fortifications ( 2 Chronicles 26:9 , 2 Chronicles 26:10 ), by ordering and equipping his army ( 2 Chronicles 26:11-13 ), by inventing or adopting the latest weapons of warfare ( 2 Chronicles 26:14 , 2 Chronicles 26:15 ). Or to:

3 . His attention to the national produce. It speaks very highly indeed for a monarch of that period that he dug wells, that he had much cattle, that he encouraged the vine-dressers, that he "loved husbandry. These are things which in that age of the world were too often disregarded and even despised by men in high places, especially by monarchs. But it was on such things as these that national prosperity very largely rested. Much of the power of a country comes from its wealth; and its wealth comes from the soil. No wise ruler will be indifferent to the question of the produce of the land. The king that "loves husbandry" is, other things being present, a king that loves his people, and rules for the happiness of their homes. It is probable that Judah never spent so contented and prosperous a half-century as during the long reign of Uzziah.


1 . There goes toward it individual character and energy. Every man must "bear his own burden," and "have rejoicing in himself alone" ( Galatians 6:4 , Galatians 6:5 ). In some sense and to some degree we must all "fight the good fight" for ourselves, if we would gain the victory and win "the prize of our high calling."

2 . There is included in it helpful influence from without; all kindly human help from the home and from the sanctuary, from the father and from the friend.

3 . The all-decisive force is the power that works from above on our behalf. God must make us to prosper if we are to gain the victory in the great strife of life. From him must come the guidance and the guardianship, the inspiration and the control, without which we shall faint and fall. And this is to be secured by

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