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Psalms 32:8 - Homilies By W. Forsyth

God's guidance.


I. THE PLACE OF GUIDANCE . Unless we are able to see God's eye, we cannot be guided. What hinders? Our sins. "Mine iniquities have taken hold upon me, so that I am not able to look up" ( Psalms 40:12 ). The great thing, therefore, is to confess our sins, that they may be put away, and then, "accepted in the Beloved," we can "look up " with childlike trust, and cry, "Abba, Father!"


1 . Authoritative. As master and servant ( Psalms 123:2 ).

2 . Kindly. Loving as a father, gentle as a mother ( Jeremiah 24:6 ; Proverbs 4:3 ).

3 . Sure. Moses knew the desert well, but he might err. He was glad, therefore, of the help of Hobab, "Thou mayest be to us instead of eyes" ( Numbers 10:31 ). How much more surely may we depend upon God in our wilderness journey! "Except the eye of the Lord be put out, we cannot be put out of his sight and care" (Donne).


1 . Peace. We cannot guide ourselves; nor can we trust to others, even the wisest and the best, to guide us; but when we put ourselves under the care and direction of God, we feel that all is well ( Jeremiah 10:23 ; Psalms 119:165 ).

2 . Freedom. God does not take pleasure in "the bit and bridle." He would have us be guided through our reason and heart rather than by restraint and force. He works in us both "to will and to do." He makes us free by the truth, that our service may be not from fear, but love.

3 . Courageousness. ( 2 Chronicles 20:12 .) God's eye upon us is an inspiration. Gideon felt a new man when the Lord looked upon him ( 6:14 ). Paul had a heart for any fate when Christ stood by him in the storm ( Acts 27:23 ). Stephen went to a cruel death with love and joy under the eye of his Master ( Acts 7:56-60 ).

4 . Hope. In humble, trustful self surrender and love we can go forward with confidence. God's eye upon us, and our eye upon God, we are safe for time and for eternity,—W.F.

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