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Psalms 110:7 - Homilies By S. Conway

The brook by the way.

This psalm tells of the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, but all that it tells of has not yet been fulfilled. But the Church is still confidently assisting the glory of the Lord. Our text is difficult of completely satisfactory explanation. Three chief interpretations have been given.

I. THAT IT TELLS OF OUR LORD 'S BEING MADE A CURSE FOR US . The wrath of God running in the channel of the curse of the Law was "the brook by the way" of which our Savior drank, and concerning which he said, "The cup which my Father hath given me shall I not drink it?" Calvin, Hengstenberg, and Matthew Henry thus explain this verse. And then the glorious triumphs of the cross of Christ, past, present, and yet to come, are the lifting up of the head which is said to result.

II. THAT IT DENOTES HIS INTENTNESS AND EAGERNESS IN THE PURSUIT OF HIS GREAT END , which was the destruction of the works of the devil. He would not turn aside for refreshment or rest, but like Gideon ( 7:1-25 .), though faint, he kept pursuing. Like as the chosen soldiers of Gideon were known by their eager lapping of the water as distinguished from the mere leisurely lying down to drink of the rest, so our Lord was intent on his work, and nothing could stay his pursuit (cf. Luke 12:50 ). He would drink of the brook by the way, and then on again.

III. THAT IT SETS FORTH THE HUMILIATION OF CHRIST , ill that he placed himself on a level with us by stooping to need and to partake of those spiritual refreshments which in this life God provides for us. He humbled himself to need and share these with men. This is the interpretation which we prefer. What, then, for our Lord, were these brooks? They were such as these—prayer; fellowship with kindred minds; affection and sympathy from those who loved him; the "joy set before him;" the Holy Scriptures.

IV. THUS UNDERSTOOD , THE TEXT APPLIES TO CHRISTIANS NOW . For brooks by the way are provided for us by means of which we shall be, as was our Lord, strengthened and refreshed. And ours are as his, even as his were as ours.—S.C.

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