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Psalms 118:1-29 - Exposition

The first eighteen verses are the song of the procession as it winds its way slowly up the hill to the great gate of the temple, sung alternately, as it would seem, by the two halves of the procession. Psalms 118:19 is the utterance of the leader, in the name of the whole hand, on their arrival before the gates. Psalms 118:20 is the reply made to them by those inside. The procession, as it enters, sings Psalms 118:21-24 antiphonally as before, all joining in Psalms 118:25 . Those already inside sing Psalms 118:26 in welcome of their friends. Psalms 118:27 belongs to the leader of the pro cession, and initiates the actual sacrifice. Psalms 118:28 , Psalms 118:29 are then sung, either by the whole congregation or by the two parts of the procession.

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