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Psalms 118:22-29 - Homiletics

The great reversal.

To whomsoever these words ( Psalms 118:22 , Psalms 118:23 ) primarily referred, we have the highest authority for applying them to our Lord himself. In his case we have—

I. THE GREAT REVERSAL . ( Psalms 118:22 , Psalms 118:23 .) No reversal of fortune in human affairs can be comparable to his experience. Consider:

1. His course on earth—the circumstances of his birth, of his youth, and of his manhood; his claims disowned, his truth rejected, himself insulted, ill-treated, condemned, smitten, crucified!

2. The nature of his position now as the Divine Head of the Church. He may be said to be both the Foundation-stone and also the Corner or Top-stone (the "epistyle"); for his Church is built upon his truth and, still more truly, upon himself; and, at the same time, it looks up to him as the most conspicuous One on whom its eyes rest with reverence and love.

3. The exaltation he enjoys in the heavenly world (see Philippians 2:9-12 ; Revelation 5:13 ).

II. THE LONG BRIGHT DAY OF GRACE AND GLADNESS . ( Psalms 118:24 .) The position of Jesus Christ as "Prince and Savior, giving redemption and remission of sins," is a long, bright day, succeeding the darkness of heathendom or the twilight of "the Law;" it is a day which "the Lord has made" for the nations of the earth. We may well "rejoice and be glad in it;" not thinking and speaking and singing of it as if it were a dispensation of dreariness and gloom, but realizing that it is one of close fellowship with God, of holy and happy service, of ever-brightening, hope (see Philippians 3:1 ; Philippians 4:4 ; Ephesians 2:6 ; Ephesians 3:19 ; Revelation 1:6 ). "The joy of the Lord" is that which becomes us; it is our duty and it is " our strength." Yet is there—


1. That the individual soul may be "saved," strengthened, comforted, sanctified.

2. That the Church, the society, the institution, may be "prospered;" that its officers may be inspired and directed; that its action may be pure in motive and high in aim; that its efforts may be crowned with true and lasting success.

IV. THE PLACE OF SACRIFICE . ( Psalms 118:27 .) Jehovah, through his prophets, so enlightened his people that they brought to his altar the acceptable sacrifice. The great Teacher has so enlightened us by his Divine truth, that we have reached the place of purest and most well-pleasing sacrifice—the dedication of the entire nature , the mind, the affections, the will, and of the whole life , at home, in business, in society, to the service of the Lord.

V. THE SOUL 'S DELIGHT IN GOD . The contemplation of God's goodness, and especially of his grace to us, may well lead us into an atmosphere of exultation, and call forth from us the language of fervent praise.

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