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Psalms 118:24 - Homilies By S. Conway

The day the Lord hath made.

The words primarily point to that joyful dedication day of the new temple. Perhaps Israel had been directed specially to observe the day; or, more likely still, the psalmist meant the day of joy and gladness of revived national and religious life. "This is the day the Lord," etc.

I. WE MAY APPLY IT TO OUR LORD 'S RESURRECTION - DAY . That has been called the day of days, as indeed it was and is to the Church of Christ. That first Easter Day was "the day in his life which he made his own beyond all others. Not his birthday; for that meant his entrance on a life of sorrows. Not his ascension day; for that was the closing scene of a triumph already achieved. Not his transfiguration-day; for that was a momentary flash of glory in a career of pain. Not the day of his crucifixion; that was a great day for a ruined world, but for him it marked the lowest stage of humiliation and woe. The day of days in the life of Christ was the day of his resurrection." And to the first disciples especially, and to the believing Church still:

1. This day has the joy of deliverance from a great dread . They thought they had but their Lord, and that the redemption of Israel was now but an unfulfilled and impossible dream. But that dread departed, driven forth by the joy of the day of resurrection.

2. And the day brings also the joy of full conviction as to the gospel we believe . Our Lord and his apostles base all belief of that gospel on the Resurrection; they held it, as do we, as an infallible proof.

3. The joy of renewed and radiant hope . "Christ ever liveth:" what now is not possible? For all such reasons the words of the text may be fitly applied to the Easter joy.

II. TO THE LORD 'S DAY THE SABBATH . Who can over-estimate to man's body, mind, heart, and soul what the blessed Sunday brings? Fools and blind are they who, for any reason or by any means, would rob weary-hearted men of this priceless boon.

III. TO THE DAY OF OUR CONVERSION . It is not all that can, nor is it indispensable for any to remember the exact day when that great spiritual change passed upon them. But some have vivid recollection of it; they can tell the time, place, circum stances, and all connected with the day on which they were born again and passed from death unto life. And it may be they are to be envied who can do this, which assuredly many cannot. But they will not hesitate to take such words as these in our text, and apply them to this by them never-to-be-forgotten day.

IV. TO THE DAY OF REVIVAL AND RELIGIOUS PROSPERITY , How blessed such seasons are! God gives them to his Church from time to time. Spring-tide seasons, when there is an energy and quickening and force in the general life of the Church, such as has long been unknown. It was so for Israel when this psalm was first sung, and it has been so many times since. And let no one wait for the whole Church to be thus revived; the blessed time may come—will come, if really longed for—to the individual soul. And that will be a time of joy.—S.C.

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