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Psalms 118:24 - Homilies By R. Tuck

The God-made day.

Jesus, rejected by the whole Hebrew nation, and put to death, but raised from the grave, may be taken as the subject of these verses. In our variable climate we often have a cold and dark day followed by one full of sunshine and warmth. Such was the last sabbath of the old dispensation, when Jesus was in his grave. Suddenly the clouds disappeared, and God made another day—the first day of the week—a holy and joyful sabbath to all Christians. The first sabbath was desecrated by the Crucifixion; the Lord's day was hallowed by the Resurrection.

I. THE LORD 'S DAY IS COMMEMORATIVE OF THE GREAT VICTORY OF JESUS OVER HIS ENEMIES . Apparently everything had succeeded that aimed at ending the life and career of Jesus. The Cornerstone was rejected by the chief builders of the day. Jesus was in his grave; the disciples were disheartened; and Jerusalem was exulting over the temporary triumph of Friday. The contest, however, was not decided; on the morning of the first day of the week, Jesus rose from the dead; his disciples sprang to their feet, and the Resurrection sealed every word that he had uttered, and every deed that he had accomplished. It was the confirmation of his life.

1. It was a victory over calumny and misrepresentation. He came forth the Son of God.

2. It was a victory over the weakness and faithlessness of his disciples. The Crucifixion made them cowards; the Resurrection made them heroes.

3. It was a victory over death and the grave. He who rose has "the keys of Hades and of death."

II. IN THE LORD 'S DAY WE HAVE THE CONSUMMATION OF ALL GREAT DAYS . The day of creation here finds its consummation. Had not the Lord made this day, we might think that God had made all things in vain. The sabbath at the end of creation was only a symbol of the Lord's day. God then rested from all his works; but that rest was disturbed by the entrance of sin. The day Israel was delivered from Egyptian bondage; the day the tabernacle of Moses was consecrated; the day the promised land was reached; the day Solomon's temple was dedicated; the Day of Atonement; the birthday of Jesus; and even the day of final judgment, point to, and derive their significance from, the Lord's day.

1. Here we realize the end of created things.

2. Here we find the bond of union between time and eternity.

3. The significance of all religious festivals is found in this day.

III. THE LORD 'S DAY IS THE CHRISTIAN FESTIVAL . Not only is it a sabbath of rest from manual labor; it is also the token of spiritual peace and blessing.

1. A day of communion with God.

2. A day of association with the saints.

3. A day of fellowship in the home circle.

IV. THE LORD 'S DAY IS THE PORCH OF IMMORTALITY . The light shines from the tomb.

1. The day that promises the absence of all mental darkness. The Sunday disperses the gloom and doubt of the week. A little while ago we had snow and sleet for several days; but one bright warm day came, and swept away the snow.

2. The day whose light dies into the light of immortality. The sabbath of time dissolves into the peace of heaven.

3. The day that will bring everlasting praise to the Name of Jesus. (From Weekly Pulpit .) R.T.

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