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Proverbs 7:10 - Exposition

And, behold, there met him a woman. His long watch is rewarded; the woman comes forth from her house into the street—a proceeding which would at once show what she was, especially in the East, where females are kept secluded, and never appear at night or unattended. With the attire of an harlot. There is no "with" in the original, "woman" and "attire" being in apposition: "There met him a woman, a harlot's dress" ( shith, Psalms 73:6 ); her attire catches the eye at once, and identifies her (comp. Genesis 38:14 ). In Revelation 17:4 the harlot is "arrayed in purple and scarlet, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls;" and in the present case the female is dressed in some conspicuous garments, very different from the sober clothing of the pure and modest. Subtil of heart ( נְצֻרַת לֵב ); literally, of concealed heart ; i.e. she hides her real feelings, feigning, perhaps, affection for a husband, or love for her paramour, while she seeks only to satisfy her evil passions. The versions have used a different reading. Thus the Septuagint: "Who makes the hearts of young men flutter ( ἐζίπτασθαι );" Vulgate, praeparata ad capiendas animas, "ready to catch souls."

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