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Proverbs 7:13 - Exposition

So she caught him and kissed him; being utterly lost to shame, like Potiphar's wife ( Genesis 39:12 ). With an impudent face said; literally, strengthened her face and said ; put on a bold and brazen look to suit, the licentious words which she spoke. Wordsworth quotes the delineation of the "strange woman" drawn by St. Ambrose ('De Cain. et Abel.,' 1.4): " Domi inquieta, in plateis vaga, osculis prodiga, pudore villis, amictu dives, genas picta; meretricio procax motu, infracto per delicias incessu, nutantibus oculis, et ludentibus jaculans palpebris retia, quibus pretiosas animus juveuum capit ."

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