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Proverbs 7:20 - Exposition

He hath taken a bag of money with him; not only to defray the expenses of the journey (a fact which need not be dwelt upon), but because he has some pecuniary business to transact which will occupy his time, and prevent his return before the appointed hour. And will come home at the day appointed; better, as the Revised Version, he will come home at the full moor, ( in die pleura lunae, Vulgate). כֶּסֶא here, and כֶּסֶה , Psalms 81:4 , are rightly translated "the full moon," this rendering being supported by the Syriac keso, though the etymology is doubtful. As it has before been mentioned that the night was dark ( Psalms 81:9 ), it is plain that there were still many days to run before the moon was full, and the husband returned.

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