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Proverbs 7:6-27 - Homiletics


It would not, perhaps, be wise for any one to discuss this subject in the presence of a general congregation. The sin is so fearfully contaminating that it is scarcely possible to touch it in any way without contracting some defilement; and the few who might benefit by a public exposure of the evils of profligacy would be greatly outnumbered by the multitude of people, especially the young, to whom the direction of attention to it would be unwholesome. But on special occasions, and before special audiences, a strong, clear denunciation of this sin may be called for. We can avoid the subject too much, and so leave the sin unrebuked. Certainly some men do not seem to realize how fearfully wicked and how fatally ruinous it is.]

I. IT IS A DESECRATION OF THE TEMPLE OF GOD . It is a sin against God as well as an offence against society. Utterly abandoned men will set little weight by such a consideration, because they have long lost all serious care for their relations with God, But it is important that they who are in danger of falling should remember the solemn words of St. Paul, and the lofty point of view from which he regards the subject ( 1 Corinthians 6:18 , 1 Corinthians 6:19 ). The Christian is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Every man is designed to be such a temple. See that this temple is not converted into a nest of corruption.

II. IT IS RUINOUS TO ANY ONE WHO SUCCUMBS TO IT . It ruins the mind, degrading the whole tone and energy of thought. It is the most gross and disastrous dissipation. It ruins the physical health. It ruins wholesome interest in pure delights. It ruins business prospects. It ruins reputation. It brings other sins in its train. It ruins the soul. He who abandons himself to it is indeed a lost man.

III. IT IS HEARTLESSLY CRUEL . The heaviest guilt lies with the tempter. When a man has deluded and ruined a woman, society regards the woman with loathing and contempt, while the man often escapes with comparative impunity. This is one of the grossest instances of injustice that the future judgment will surely rectify. But in any case of profligacy great selfishness and cruelty are shown. The miserable creatures who live by sin could not continue their wretched traffic if men did not encourage it. The demand creates the supply, and is responsible for the hopeless misery that results.

IV. IT IS FATAL TO SOUND SOCIAL ORDER . It is a gangrene in society, eating out its very heart. Nothing more surely undermines the true welfare of a people. It is fatal to the sanctities of the home—sanctities on which the very life of the nation depends.

V. ALL THIS ACCOMPANIES THE INDULGENCE OF WHAT IS PURSUED SOLELY AS SELFISH PLEASURE . The profligate man has not the thief's excuse, who may rob because he is starving (see Proverbs 6:30-32 ); nor can he pretend that he is benefiting any one else by his wickedness.

In conclusion:

1 . Let the Legislature be urged to repeal any laws that make the indulgence of this sin more easy by counteracting its natural penalties.

2 . Let all men avoid the smallest temptation towards it—all amusements and scenes that lead thither.

3 . Let employers endeavour to protect young people under their charge from the fearful dangers of city life.

4 . Let Christians seek to save the failing and rescue the fallen in the spirit of Christ, who received penitent sinners.

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