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Proverbs 31:8 - Exposition

Open thy mouth for the dumb. The "dumb" is any one who for any reason whatever is unable to plead his own cause; he may be of tender age, or of lowly station, or ignorant, timid, and boorish; and the prince is enjoined to plead for him and defend him (comp. Job 29:15 ). In the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction; literally, the sons of passing away ( Isaiah 2:18 ); i.e. not orphans, children whose parents have vanished from the earth, nor strangers from a foreign country, nor, generally, mortals, subjects of frail human nature (all of which explanations have been given), but persons who are in imminent danger of perishing, certain, if left unaided, to come to ruin (comp. Job 29:12 ). Septuagint, "Open thy mouth for the Word of God, and judge all men soundly ( ὑγιῶς )."

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