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Isaiah 8:3 - Exposition

The prophetess . It is not necessary to suppose that the wife of Isaiah must have uttered prophecies because she is called "the prophetess." Titles were given in the East to the wives, daughters, etc; of officials, which merely reflected the dignity of their husbands, fathers, etc. Even Miriam seems to be called a "prophetess" ( Exodus 15:20 ) from her close relationship to Moses, rather than from any supernatural power that she had. In the Mishna, a priest's wife or daughter is called "priestess" (Cheyne). Call his name. There is no reason for doubting that the name was actually given. Other Israelites had such names as Jushab-hosed ( 1 Chronicles 3:20 ), Haah-ashtari ( 1 Chronicles 4:6 ), Romamti-ezer ( 1 Chronicles 25:4 ), Machnadebai ( Ezra 10:40 ), and the like. Assyrian names were even longer; e . g . As-shur-bel-nisi-su, Asshur-kinat-ili-kain, etc. In ordinary parlance, names of this type were commonly shortened, "Shalman-eser' becoming "Shalmau" ( Hosea 10:14 ), "Sennacherib Jareb" ( Hosea 10:6 ), and the like.

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