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Isaiah 45:1 - Exposition

Thus saith the Lord to his anointed . The "anointed of Jehovah" is elsewhere always either an Israelite king, or the expected Deliverer of the nation, "Messiah the Prince" ( Daniel 9:25 ). This Deliverer, however, was to be of the line of David ( Isaiah 11:1 ), and of the city of Bethlehem ( Micah 5:2 ), so that we can scarcely suppose Isaiah to have seen him in Cyrus. But he may have seen in Cyrus a type of the great Deliverer, as he saw in the release of Israel from the power of Babylon a type of their deliverance from sin. Whose right hand I have holden ; rather, strengthened (comp. Ezekiel 30:24 ). To subdue nations before him (see above, Isaiah 41:2 , and the comment ad loc .). Among the nations subdued by Cyrus may be mentioned the Medes, the Babylonians, the Lydians, the Caftans, the Caunians, the Lycians, the Bactrians, the Sacae, the Parthians, the Hyrcanians, the Chorasmians, the Sogdians, the Arians of Herat, the Zarangians, the Arachosians, the Satagydians, and the Gandarians. I will loose the loins of kings ; i.e . render them weak and incapable of resistance" (comp. Daniel 5:6 ), net "disarm them" (Cheyne); for the chief royal weapons were the spear and the bow, neither of which was carried at the girdle. To open before him the two-leaved gates. The cities and forts repro-sented on the Assyrian monuments have invariably their gateways closed by two large gates or doors which meet in the centre of the gateway. The bronze plating found at Ballarat gave the dimensions, and showed the strength of such gates.

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