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Isaiah 45:14-25 - Exposition

THE CONVERSION ' OF THE GENTILES A CONSEQUENCE OF THE RESTORATION AND SALVATION OF ISRAEL . "With the prospect of the release of the exiles is associated," says Delitzsch, "in the prophet's perspective, the prospect of an expansion of the restored Church, through the entrance of the fulness of the Gentiles." Egypt, Ethiopia, and Saba are especially mentioned here, as in Isaiah 43:3 , as among the first to come in ( Isaiah 43:14 , Isaiah 43:15 ). Later on, a more general influx is spoken of ( Isaiah 43:20 ); and, finally, a prospect is held out of an ultimate universal conversion ( Isaiah 43:23 ). At the same time, judgment is denounced against the idolaters who persist in their idolatry ( Isaiah 43:16 , Isaiah 43:20 ), and they are warned that they will have no share in the coming glories of the Israel of God.

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