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Isaiah 45:14 - Exposition

The labour of Egypt , and merchandise of Ethiopia and of the Sabaeans ; i.e. "the laborious Egyptians, and the traffic-loving Ethiopians and Sabaeans." Their buildings and their husbandry alike justify what is said of the Egyptians, while the very ancient traffic between Egypt and Ethiopia is sufficient ground for the assignment of a commercial character to the Ethiopians and the Sabaeans. Men of stature . (On the tall stature of the Ethiopians, see Herod; Isaiah 3:20 ; and comp. Isaiah 18:2 , with the comment.) Shall come over unto thee . Knobel understands that they would give their aid to the rebuilding of the temple; but this they certainly did not do, and Isaiah's words certainly do not imply it. He is again speaking of the great conversion of the nations, which he connected with the restoration of the Jews to their own land ( Isaiah 11:12 ; Isaiah 18:7 ; Isaiah 19:18-25 , etc.), and which may be considered to have begun then, but only to have had its full accomplishment in the Messianic period. In chains they shall come over . Ready to serve the Church as slaves and servants—not literally wearing chains. They shall fall down unto thee , etc. The Church, as informed with the Spirit of God, shall Seem to them a holy thing, and therefore an object of worship (romp. Revelation 3:9 ). There is such a union between Christ and his Church, that worship, in a qualified sense, may be paid the Church without unfitness.

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