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Isaiah 54:5 - Exposition

For thy Maker is thine Husband ; rather, for thy Husband is thy Maker. The verse is exegetical of the terms, "married with" in Isaiah 54:1 , and "widowhood" in Isaiah 54:4 . "I," says the prophet, "have called thee married and widowed, thereby yoking thee to a husband, for thou hast a Husband, namely, thy Maker." (The Hebrew has both words in the plural, to accord with the following Elohim. ) This relationship of God to his Church is often asserted by the prophets ( Jeremiah 3:14 ; Jeremiah 31:32 ; Hosea 2:19 ; So Hosea 1:4 , etc.), and lies at the root of the oft-recurring metaphor by which idolatry is called "lewdness," "adultery," or "playing the whore ." Thy Redeemer the Holy One ; rather, thy Redeemer is the Holy One. (On the title itself, see the comment on Isaiah 1:4 .) The God of the whole earth (comp. Psalms 24:1 ; Psalms 47:2 , Psalms 47:7 ; Psalms 133:1-3 :18, etc.). Materially, he was always this. Now, from this time, he will be "God of the whole earth" morally; not God of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles (see Romans 3:29 ).

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