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Isaiah 60:15-22 - Homilies By E. Johnson

The favour of Jehovah to his people.

Zion is again imagined as the bride of Jehovah. No more is she to be "hated," i.e. neglected ( Genesis 29:31 ; Deuteronomy 21:15 ), like one less beloved. No more are her streets to be deserted of passengers. She is to be made an "everlasting pride, the delight of successive generations." The kings of the earth are to be tender over her, and she is to be enriched by the resources of the nations.

I. JEHOVAH THE SAVIOUR AND THE RULER . (Repeated from Isaiah 49:26 .) Happy the people whose God is Jehovah, the "Hero of Jacob"! Every image of temporal riches and prosperity , such as the gold of Solomon's palace, or the silver common as stones, and the cedars as sycamores ( 1 Kings 10:21 , 1 Kings 10:27 ), may but faintly shadow forth the splendour of the city under the true and eternal King. Better still, the politics will be those of peace. By a figure of speech, peace itself and righteousness are said to govern the city. And so spiritual shall be the sources of its strength, "it shall need no walls nor gates; for Jehovah shall be a constant source of salvation, and of a renown which shall keep all foes at a distance" ( Isaiah 26:1 ; Isaiah 33:21 ). Nothing less than righteousness prevailing in every department of Church and state can satisfy that ideal which has been revealed to us, and which our souls thirst to see realized. Violence is to cease. "The pure gospel of the Redeemer has never originated a single war of invasion, nor produced a scene of bloodshed or prompted to strife. Let us look forward to a time when the mad passions of kings and nations will be subdued, and wars only be known among the sad and disgraceful records of the past."

THE ETERNAL SPLENDOUR OF THE CITY OF GOD . Jehovah himself, and material luminaries, shall enlighten it ( Isaiah 30:26 ; cf. Revelation 21:23 ; Revelation 22:5 ). All the wonders of the natural world must pale and turn lustreless before the effulgence of moral beauty. The glory of the Church is its great Head—his Name, attributes, laws, and protecting care. Not so much wealth, talent, numbers, influence , but the character of her sovereign Lord, is her boast. The Church shall enjoy a perpetual existence , living through all changes and surviving all revolutions. Discipline and sorrow shall one day have done their work, and the people shall "all be righteous." They will possess the land, will inherit all that God has done for its welfare , will enter into all his plans and purposes, enjoy the fruit of his agelong spiritual husbandry. And from this state of things fresh lustre will ever be reflected upon his holy Name. There would be immense increase by accessions from the Gentile world. Nor will there be unnecessary delay. The lesson is to wait , pray , and toil until the day dawn—till,

"Crowned with light, imperial Salem rise,

Exalt her towering head, and lift her eyes!"

"He that shall come will come, and will not tarry" ( Hebrews 10:37 ). These inspired visions have deep relation to the truth; if they he not translated into fact in our time, we may be translated to the sphere where they are realities.— J.

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