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Jeremiah 17:9-10 - Homilies By A.f. Muir

Heart mysteries and their Interpreter.

The repudiation of his charges by Judah and Jerusalem leads the prophet to advert to the causes of this behavior. They not only declare their innocence when guilty, but pursue after unholy aims on the plea of serving God. How are such ignorance and infatuation produced? The reply is that the natural heart is deceitful and corrupt above everything else.


1. It is a " mystery of iniquity ." The heart is affected by what it contains. It is itself the greatest dupe and sufferer. And, being so inextricably bound up with evil, it is involved in its danger and judgment.

2. Exceeding human diagnosis . No one is so ignorant of his own depravity as the sinner himself; and no earthly eye can read the true significance of the symptoms.

3. Preeminent in this respect . It is the source of it all The master is greater than his work. The center contains all the threads of connection.


1. Jehovah . Because

2. This qualifies and authorizes him to judge . It is not his only qualification, nor is that the sole reason for his knowledge. But it is obvious that, as knowing man so intimately, he also is able to judge of his state. And he alone has the standard of perfect righteousness.—M.

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