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Matthew 6:25-34 - Exposition

These verses, with the exception of the last, which should perhaps hardly be included, are very similar to the parallel passage, Luke 12:22-32 . It seems probable that in the differences Luke preserves the more original form . What their original position was is another question. Their immediate sequence in Luke to the parable of the rich fool is no doubt perfectly natural, and is accepted by most commentators as original; but the connexion with the context here is so close that, especially with the probabilities of the case in verses 22, 23, and verse 24, St. Matthew may, after all, have recorded them in their original place.

Our Lord says in these verses, "Dare to follow out this warning that I have given you about double service into your daily life. Do not give way to anxiety about the things of life, but look up to God in steady gaze of faith; he will provide." 'Or, more in detail—If God has given you life, shall he not add the food and the clothing (verse 25)? Anxiety about the support of your life is needless (witness the birds, verse 26) and powerless (witness the limit of a man's life, verse 27); while as for clothing, it is equally needless (witness the flowers, verse 28) and comparatively powerless (witness Solomon's own case, verse 29). Remember your relation to God (verse 30). Therefore do not give way to the least anxiety about these things (verse 31), because this is to fall to the level of the Gentiles, and also because God, whose children you are, knows your needs (verse 32). But make his cause, without and within, your great object, and all your needs shall be supplied (verse 33). Therefore be not at all anxious, bear the burden of each day only as each day comes round (verse 34).

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