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Matthew 12:1-45 - Exposition

(1) Opposition from his enemies.

(a) Conscious and wilful opposition ( Matthew 12:1-37 ).

( α ) As regards the sabbath ( Matthew 12:1-14 ).

( β ) An interlude. The evangelist sees in our Lord's behaviour the fulfilment of Isaiah's prophecy (verses 15-21).

( γ ) The opposition carried to the extreme of accusing him of alliance with Beelzebub.

Christ shows the monstrous character of such an accusation, and the absence which it discloses of all spirituality of mind (verses 22-37).

(b) Opposition due to lack of energy in spiritual things. Christ contrasts the behaviour of heathen mentioned in the Old Testament, and warns the Jews of the result of their present apathy (verses 38-45).

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