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Acts 28:17 - Exposition

He for Paul, A.V. and T.R.; called together those that were the chief for called the chief together, A.V.; I, brethren, though I had done for men and brethren, though I have committed, A.V. and T.R.; the customs for customs, A.V.; was I for was, A.V. After three days . He could but just have got into his hired house, but he would not lose a day in seeking out his brethren to speak to them of the hope of Israel. What marvelous activity! what unquenchable love! The chief ( τοὺς ὄντας πρώτους ). The expression οἱ πρῶτοι , for the principal people of the district or neighborhood, occurs repeatedly in Josephus. The Jews . They had returned to Rome, after their banishment by Claudius ( Acts 18:2 ), some time before this ( Romans 16:3 , Romans 16:7 ). I had done nothing against the people, or the customs (comp. Acts 23:1 , Acts 23:6 ; Acts 24:14-16 , Acts 24:20 , Acts 24:21 ; Acts 25:8 ; Acts 26:6 , Acts 26:7 , Acts 26:22 , Acts 26:23 ).

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