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1 Corinthians 4:15 - Exposition

Ten thousand; never so many. The word in Greek is used indefinitely, but here implies a touch of impatience at the itch of teaching which seems to have prevailed at Corinth. Tutors; rather, pedagogues, in a technical sense. We have no exact equivalent in English to the paidagogos, the slave who led boys to school. The word also occurs in Galatians 3:24 , Galatians 3:25 . The father loves most, and has the nearer and dearer claim. In Christ. So he says, "The Law was our paidagogos to Christ." These guides or guardians were such "in Christ," i.e. in the sphere of Christian life. Not many fathers. St. Paul felt a yearning desire that his unique claim as the founder of their Church should not be so ungratefully overlooked, as though it were of no importance. I have begotten you. The word is here only used in a secondary and metaphoric sense, as in Philemon 1:10 ; Galatians 4:19 . In the highest sense we are only begotten by the will of God, by that Word of truth ( James 1:18 ), to which he alludes in the words "through the gospel." The "second birth" is, however a doctrine more dwelt on by St. John ( John 3:3 ; 1 John 3:9 ; 1 John 5:1 , etc.) than by St. Paul, who, as Mr. Beet observes, only refers to it in Titus 3:5 .

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