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1 Corinthians 12:12-26 - Homilies By R. Tuck

The law of order in the human body.

For other cases in which this simile is employed, see Romans 12:4 , Romans 12:5 ; Ephesians 4:16 ; Ephesians 5:30 ; Colossians 2:19 . The human body presents a very striking illustration of

I. IT IS A WHOLE . Evidently for it there was a plan, an ideal. It is a complete thing. It has its appointed parts; nothing whatever can be added to it, and nothing can be taken from it. Though it may be unrealized as yet, God sees his Church to be, as perfect, a whole.

II. IT IS A VARIETY . The sides of the body seem to match, but even the left and the right have their special functions. Every limb and member and joint has its individual mission. And so in the Church of Christ. No two of its members are really alike, and each has his fitted place and appointed work.

III. IT IS A SET OF RELATIONS . No member having any powers or abilities by itself; doing its own particular work only with the aid of all the other members. The whole being set in mutual dependence and helpfulness.

IV. IT IS A HARMONY . So long as each part and portion does its own particular work efficiently and well. Schism in the body is disease, common helplessness, and the beginnings of death.

V. EACH MEMBER CAN ONLY DO ITS PART BY VIRTUE OF THE COMMON LIFE . Use our Lord's illustration from the vine and the branches. The member must abide in the body, and the branch in the vine. Apply in each case to the Christian Church, and impress that, in the body and in the Church, there can be

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