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Verse 15

Ecclesiastes 9:15. There was found in it a poor wise man An experienced wise man; and so at the end of the verse. II. We have the second head in Ecclesiastes 9:13-15. Our expectations are not less liable to disappointment with respect to those advantages which are considered as infallible consequences of certain actions, without being directly intended by the person concerned, who may be supposed to have a nobler motive in his eye. This our author proves by a single instance, propounded in the form of a parable. A wise experienced man found means to deliver his country from impending ruin. Who would not imagine that immortal praise would have been this man's reward? Yet the contrary happened; and the danger was no sooner over than the deliverer was forgotten. This serves for a transition to the author's fourth and last proof, which is taken from the little regard that is generally paid to wisdom, notwithstanding its acknowledged excellency. He alleges three instances of that ill-judged disregard. See on the following verses.

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