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Verses 5-9

Isaiah 42:5-9. Thus saith God The prophet here continues the address of God to the Messiah, and that in a very lofty and magnificent manner. First, the Messiah is animated to continue his course with alacrity and spirit, amid the many difficulties which his enemies would throw in his way, since God, by his sovereign decree, had ordained him for the Saviour of both Jews and Gentiles, and would support him by his most powerful aid, and by the singular care of his providence, Isaiah 42:5-8. The discourse being then turned to men, on account of this new prediction concerning the coming of his Son into the world, the Lord again urges the truth of his divinity, Isa 42:9 though possibly this last verse may more properly be assigned to the prophet himself. To be given for a covenant of the people, means, "To perform for the people the promises given by the covenant with Abraham." This refers to the Jews, as the next clause does to the Gentiles. The former things in the ninth verse, may refer to the Egyptian and Babylonish deliverances; and the new things, to that true deliverance whereof they were types; the illumination of Jews and Gentiles through the redemption of Jesus Christ. In Isa 42:7 we may read, Them that sit in darkness from out of the dungeon.

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