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Pastor L.G. Broughton tells how he was invited to preach in one of the leading churches of a large city. He went into the pulpit with a special sense of God's presence. When he finished his evangelistic sermon, the Holy Spirit impressed upon him that there were some in the congregation who should be urged to make a decision for Christ that very day. He was not completely familiar with the way the church ended its order of worship, but he felt led of the Spirit to warn the lost of the danger of putting off accepting the Lord as Saviour. Suddenly a strong, able bodied man got up and walked to the from of the auditorium. Tears streamed down his face for he was under deep conviction of sin. Then one after another responded. Broughton said, "Four- teen confessed Christ that morning. But as we were about to leave, the wife of one of the church officers remarked, " I greatly enjoyed the sermon, but I don't think a visiting preacher should change the regular order of service just to have a few people come forward." The preacher felt rebuked by that remark, but when the first man who had responded met accidental death before the day had ended, Broughton was convinced that he had been divinely directed. He realized then why he had felt the special need of "preaching to a decision." We may be speaking to someone who will never hear the gospel invitation again. -Henry Bosch-

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